far cry 1 game


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Follow the steps and you shall play. 1st of all you need an ISO compressor/decompressor Now just follow the steps and you'll be playing in no time Steps 1) first of all in the folder where you downloaded the torrent create 2 new folders namely "far cry" and "another". 2) now extract the files of the first disc into folder farcry. 3) extract the remaining discs into folder another. 4) copy ONLY the .cab files from folder another to folder farcry. (Do not copy the .inf files) 5) now run the setup in the far cry folder. Follow all the steps and let it install. ( note: install the files into some other drive than the drive which contains the torrent files eg. C:/program files/ubisoft/far cry) 6) now back to torrent file now extract the 1.4 cumulative patch and run the setup let it install it will patch the game. 7) extract the crack folder and you will find the cracked .exe 8) now go to the drive where you installed the farcry files eg C:/program files/ubisoft/far cry you will find the folder "bink32" go into that and you will find the original .exe of far cry replace it with the cracked .exe. 9) click and play. Enjo